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Alltion Dental Microscope Angel100

Alltion Dental Microscope Angel100 with electromagnetic breaks


dental microscope

Built-In 4K Camera

  • Real time 4K video transmission.
  • HD USB disk video storage.

3 Types of Photography and Video Recording

dental microscopes

Extraordinary Illumination System

Integrated Depth of Field Strengthen Device

  • Effectively increases the depth of field of the lens.
  • With 1.6X magnification, the depth of field can be increased by more than 50%.

Illumination Mode

  • Over 80,000lux LED illumination, Color Rendering Index (CRI) over 85%. 
  • Five illumination modes available

Fluorescence Mode

Under the Fluorescence mode, it can accurately detect and locate carious parts, emitting a unique red fluorescent signal under the microscope

dental microscopes

Flexible Optics Rotating Assembly (FORA) System

Allows user to remain the natural and straight posture while observing the patient, helps to reduce the burden on the back, neck and shoulder

Pendulum Rotation Device

The optics body can be swung 23° left / right while the eyepiece tube stays at the horizontal position

90° Binocular Extender

Lengthens the horizontal distance of the eyepiece to increase the operating space

Electromagnetic Breaks

The magnetic brakes provide easy and precise positioning of the microscope. Just press the buttons to release handbrakes and bring the microscope in the location required

dental microscopes

Multi-Function Handle

Controls brightness, motorized fine focus, motorized zoom, photo and video recording and electromagnetic lock, helps you focus on your patient.

dental microscopes

Ergonomic Design

Optimal Working Distance

The microscope can be flexibly adjusted in height. Doctors can choose the best height according to personal needs and surgical environment, reducing the burden on the doctor’s spine and bringing a more comfortable operating experience.

Optimal Handle Design

The multifunctional handle of the Angel100 surgical microscope allows doctors to hold and use it more naturally. Also, the handle can perform various functions such as electric focusing and electric zooming, further improving the convenience and comfort of the surgery.

Reasonable Operation Interface Layout

The operation interface layout and button design of the Angel100 surgical microscope allow doctors to conveniently view and operate all functions and parameters. When using the microscope, doctors can simply control the focus and zoom of the microscope, reducing unnecessary movement and saving time and effort.

Smart Monitor Display

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