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Alltion Dental Microscope AM2000


Thumb-Shifted Focusing Control

  • The variable objective lens has a focusing range of 200mm-300mm or 250mm-430mm
  • The fixed-focus objective lens has a fine-tuning range of 12mm
  • Ergonomic handle & thumb-shifted variable objective lens. Focusing and controlling the head with only single hand.

Extraordinary View

Optical Performance

Excellent controlling for scatter light & multi-coated with all parts of optical element
Excellent design for scatter light can eliminate over 90% of harmful scatter light out of the field of view. Multi-coated can raise transparent rate of light over 20% comparing with single layer coating.

LED Illumination

Maximum illumination over 80,000 Lux with F250 lens, color rendering more than 85%, color temperature 5700K, 5 types of illumination mode for option

Built-In Camera

A full function full HD camera system tailored for AM-2000, which perfectly combines high-value, high-performance and balance.

Three types of photography and recording

Optional Camera Parameters

Professional Design

Integrated DC Power Supply

  • Provide 5V and 12V DC power supply interface on the microscope main mirror.
  • Two types of normal voltage output available for almost all kinds of electronics products. Alltion also can customize a dedicated power supply cable.

No Exposed Cables

  • The whole machine uses the internal wiring layout, and no exposed cables can be seen.
  • Without the pulling of an external cable, the control of the microscope head will be more flexible, and the microscope can perfectly integrate the use environment of the clinic.

Technical Parameters of AM-2000/2000V Microscope

Various Mounting Options

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