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Alltion Dental Microscope AM6000

Surgical Microscope AM6000


Illumination System

1:8 Zoom Ration System

  • 3.4x – 27.7x, from low the high swift continually, ensure the view completed
  • Low ratio for adjusting the view (or oral repair operation)
  • Medium ratio for clinical operation (e.g.: dental pulp operation)
  • High ratio for examination

Excellent Illuminating Design

  • Built-in LED lamp
  • Great heat dissipation design to ensure the maximum life time of LED lamp (the life time of LED lamp is 60,000 hours or more)
  • Color temperature is close to sunlight (5700K), more than 85% color rendering index, restore the color of the observed object more realistic

Five Types of Illuminating

Built-in Full Function Camera

  • Ergonomic and various design for recording still image and videos
  • Adjust the color, clarity and other related parameters according to the actual needs
  • The feature of contrasting photo-photo, photo-live images by built-in camera

Three types of photography and recording

Technical Parameter

Various Mounting Options

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