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Ocular Three Mirror Universal Diagnostic – 18mm

Ocular Three Mirror Universal Diagnostic – 18mm. This classic “Goldmann” type lens has three mirrors angled at 59°, 67° and 73° to permit viewing of the peripheral fundus and anterior chamber angle. 36° of the posterior pole can be viewed through the center of the lens. Many heights and diameters are available. Gonio mag .80x. Also available with our high performance anti-reflective coating.


Ocular Three Mirror Universal Diagnostic – 18mm (OG3M)

  • Style: Universal
  • Image Mag.: .93x
  • Contact Diameter: 18mm
  • Lens Height: 32mm
  • Static Gonio FOV: 140°

Anti-Reflective Coatings

Ocular Instruments recommends you order lenses with anti-reflective coating for all diagnostic procedures.

The Laserlight® anti-reflective coatings provided with our laser lenses are specifically designed for use with different ophthalmic laser systems. Each coating type provides low reflectivity for the entire visible spectrum. Additionally, for non-visible lasers such as Nd:YAG lasers, the coating design has been enhanced for low reflectivity at the specific laser wavelength. In other words, Ocular YAG Lenses are compatible with argon/diode lasers, but Ocular Argon/Diode Lenses are not recommended for use with Nd:YAG lasers.Product Data Sheet

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