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Ocular High Definition Three Mirror

Ocular High Definition Three Mirror. Provides mirrors for examination of the fundus and the anterior chamber angle. High index glass three mirror lens with our Laserlight® HD anti-reflective coating for maximum light transmission and image brightness. One 64° gonio mirror and two fundus mirrors, 73° and 67°. Fundus images overlap, no “blind spot” in fundus field. Outstanding for laser and diagnostic applications – 15mm or 17mm flange adapters recommended for laser procedures. Compatible with visible and near infrared lasers. Methylcellulose not required.


Ocular High Definition Three Mirror (OG3MHD-10)

  • Image Mag.: .65x
  • Laser Spot Mag.: 1.54x
  • Contact Diameter: 10mm
  • Lens Height: 25mm
  • Static Gonio FOV: 150°



The new Laserlight HD anti-reflective coating was specially designed to minimize reflection on high index lenses. The high definition images that can be achieved with this coating are ideal for digital imaging applications. Reflections are reduced 50-80% compared with traditional coatings. Laserlight HD significantly increases image brightness and maximizes laser efficiency. Laserlight HD has a more spectrally neutral reflection and yields a more natural image color palette. It surpasses MIL-C-48497 standard for coating durability and is highly scratch resistant.

Consider some of the benefits of anti-reflective coatings.

Minimum reflection and enhanced image quality are essential considerations for slit lamp examinations. Many eye doctors are converting to exclusive use of laser lenses for diagnostic use, because of significantly greater image clarity and resolution. For laser application, transmission of the treatment beam is maximized. This is important for optimizing the interaction of the laser energy with the target tissue. Reflectance of the aiming beam and slit lamp source is minimized. Although there is certainly a safety factor added by reducing these reflections, the primary benefit is an increase in image contrast and resolution of the treatment area.

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