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Ergo Flex 3.5X / 5.5X

Ergo Flex TTL Loupes (Headlights in photos are not included)


One of the most light weight Ergo dental loupes in the market, comes with long-durable titanium frame. Fully customized for your working distance and pupil distance, provides you with the most comfort using experience.

Works better with LED headlights, the Ergo Flex is the perfect choice for dentists, dental hygienist and other professions who are looking for a pair of loupes to get a healthy working posture and making their work easier. 





Exceptional clarity and magnification for unparalleled precision

Avaliable in 3.5X and 5.5X, customized PD and working distance, satisfies your needs

Ergonomic design for all-day wear without discomfort

Titanium frame and state-of-art optical technology

ergo loupes

Adjustable Fine Focusing

  • Adjust the working distance by turning the focusing ring
  • Gain unprecedented control over your field of vision
  • Give you the power to customize and optimize your sight for every task
Ergo loupes Ergo Flex adjustable focusing
Ergo loupes Ergo Flex
  • Available in 2 magnifications: 3.5x, 5.5x
  • Wide field of view and superior depth of field
  • Can add prescription to both outer and inner lenses.
  • Comes with Titanium frames decreasing the entire weight
  • Lightweight and durable titanium frame.
  • Anti-fog, scratch resistant carrier lenses.

Available Frames

Pink Frame for TTL dental loupes TTL HD
Grey Frame for TTL dental loupes TTL HD
Blue Frame for TTL dental loupes TTL HD
Black Frame for TTL dental loupes TTL HD


MagnificationWorking distanceField of ViewDepth of FieldWeight

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