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NEITZ Binocular Surgical Loupes BLP-4 / 4.0-4.5X with NEO Frame

NEITZ Binocular Loupes BL Series with the most durable NEO Frame have the best balance of magnification, visual field diameter, resolution, and aberration to achieve a compact and lightweight product. The visual field is bright, 3D image can be obtained easily, and focus can be adjusted to match working distance required for the users. One loupe fits all doctors with wide range of working distance (350-550mm/13.78-21.65inches).


dental loupes surgical loupes

Lens-Barrel Adjustment Mechanism

  • The lens-barrel can be adjusted by turning the adjustment ring
  • This mechanism allows for independent focusing of each barrel for optimal vision

dental loupes surgical loupes

NEO Frame

  • Special designed for binocular loupes, utilizes materials that achieve flexibility and strength for exceptional fit and durability
  • NEO frame distribute weight evenly through three points: forehead, nose, and strap, so that fatigue could be minimized even when using for long periods


NEITZ Binocular Surgical Loupes BLP-4

  • Magnification: 4.0 – 4.5X
  • Field of view: 50 – 80 (1.97 – 3.15 inches)
  • Working distance: 350 – 550mm (13.78 – 21.65 inches)
  • PD: 47 – 74mm (1.85 – 2.91 inches)
  • Weight: 59.1g

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