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Dlite Air Black – Wireless LED Headlight

Dlite Air – Wireless LED Headlight (Loupes in photos are not included)


wireless led headlight

  • Lightweight battery can be mounted on the frame

  • Touch sensitive power switch and brightness adjustment allows for easy one-handed operating

  • Wireless battery without cables

  • Only 29.8g in total, includes the light and the battery

  • Up to 2.5 hours working time for each battery

  • Only 1.5 hours charging time for each battery

Three batteries included ensuring one day work

LED light provides powerful round even white light

wireless led headlight

Specification of Headlight

Weight10 grams
Brightness≥42,500 Lux
Light Color Temperature5700K
LED Using Life50,000 hours

Specification of Battery

Weight20 grams
Working TimeUp to 2.5 hours per battery pack
Battery Life>500 recharge cycles
Charging Time1.5 hours

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