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LuxPro LED Headlight with Knob Control Battery

LuxPro LED Headlight with knob control battery (Loupes in photos are not included)


led headlight

• Even Circular spot of  light
• Extra Light Weight Design (Approx. 9g)
• Unobstructed Co-axial illumination
• Headlight can be attached to loupes with supplied mount
• Compatible with most flip up style loupes
• Universal Clip-on adapter for mounting Headlight to glasses or TTL loupes
• Adjustable direction of light
• Advanced Rechargeable Li-ion cells Battery
• 4400mAh battery – Operating Time up to 20 hours
• Remaining power level indication
• Reinforced light cable for best durability
• USB interface charge cable (may charge battery from computer etc.)

LED Headlight is used for surgical operation and examination purposes. It is compatible with any binocular dental loupes that sold in our store. By using supplied universal clip-on adaptor or other customized mounts, it will fit most TTL loupes. It is featured with 42,500 Lux brightness and 5700 K color temperature to provide bright, white and shadow-free light allowing the doctor to see tissue characteristics without distortion.

Even circular light spot

LuxPro LED headlight on Sport TTL


LED typeWhite high-performance LED (3 Watts)
Light Intensity42,500 Lux
Light Weight9g (Without filter)
Spot Size10cm@40cm; 11cm@45cm; 13cm@50cm; 14cm@55cm; 15cm@60cm
Color Temperature5700K
Working TimeUp to 10 Hours (Max. Power)
Light Size16x18mm(without holder)
Battery Weight140 g
Battery Capacity3.7V  4400mAh
Charge Time<8 Hours
Warranty1 Year


Each Headlight includes the following items:

  • LuxPro LED Headlight

  • Orange composite filter

  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (contained in the Power Control Unit)

  • Battery charger

  • USB charging cable

  • Carry case

  • Flip up loupe adaptor

  • Universal clip-on loupe adaptor

  • 3 cable fasten rings

  • 2 plastic cable clip

  • 2 metal cable clip

  • 1 hex screw driver

Other Adapters/Mounts for TTL loupes
We have customized adapters/mounts available for TTL loupes. This LED headlight have been mounted onto TTL loupes from Lenscan, Univet, Design for Vision, Surgitel, Q-Optics, Perioptix, Orascoptic, Sheer Vision, Rose, ExamVision etc. Please message us for any inquiry about your specific loupe mount: any message with photos (Front, Top and Back view) of your loupe will help.

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