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Combo Orbit X Comfort Chair and Stand

Premium quality and modern design; Inner structure made with high-resistance steel; Counter balanced Slit Lamp arm with chair control; Adjustable LED light fixture; Oil free powerful and noiseless motor


• Exclusive touch screen panel. More technology and sophistication for you pratice.

• Both Slit lamp arm and phoropter arm are counterbalanced for smooth movement and position.

• Chair reclining 180° degrees

Stand Orbit X:

  • Counterbalanced slit lamp arm with chair up/down switch
  • Counterbalanced phoropter arm for adjusting phoropter position without locking
  • Digital touch control panel: light brightness control, chair control and Aux equipment control
  • Illuminated three Charging wells
  • LED overhead light
  • Chair position reset control
  • Internal structure made with high resistance steel
  • Weight capacity  130 lbs
  • Slit lamp table top height: Up and down range 79cm – 100cm (31″ – 39.9″)

Chair Orbit Comfort:

  • Reclines 180° degrees
  • Weight capacity 550 lbs (250Kg)
  • Up/down/Reclining back/forward control buttons on Chair side
  • A reset button to get patient back to original sitting position automatically (one reset button on chair, second reset button on Stand)
  • Chair Up/down height from 55cm – 75cm (21.5″ – 29.5″)
  • Foldable low profile footrest: height 5cm (2″)
  • Foldable armrest
  • Adjustable headrest

These most modern, eye-appealing designs will add elegance and sophistication to your office, increasing the competitiveness of your practice. Your patients will be impressed.

All of our products are built with perfectly balanced, durable materials allowing long lasting durability to provide exceptional results for years to come.

Patented slit lamp arm with single, soft handle lock/release (4 separate settings), produced with the highest quality.

– Fingertip control for chair raising and lowering
– Weight capacity ………………………. 130 lbs
– Up and down range …………………..40.25″ / 31.50″

Exclusive touchscreen panel. More technology and sophistication for your practice.

Allow you control
– Chair movements
– Headlight intensity
– on/off power outlets

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