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Combo Orbit X – Chair and Stand

Combo Orbit X – Chair and Stand; High Quality and Modern Design


These most modern, eye-appealing designs will add elegance and sophistication to your office, increasing the competitiveness of your practice. Your patients will be impressed.

• Exclusive touch screen panel. More technology and sophistication for you pratice.

• Both Slit lamp arm and phoropter arm are counterbalanced for smooth movement and position.

Stand Orbit X:

  • Counterbalanced slit lamp arm with chair up/down switch
  • Counterbalanced phoropter arm for adjusting phoropter position without locking
  • Digital touch control panel: light brightness control, chair control and Aux equipment control
  • Illuminated three Charging wells
  • LED overhead light
  • Chair position reset control
  • Internal structure made with high resistance steel
  • Weight capacity  130 lbs
  • Slit lamp table top height: Up and down range 79cm – 100cm (31″ – 39.9″)

Chair Orbit:

  • Weight capacity 550 lbs (250Kg)
  • Up/down control button on Chair side
  • A reset button to get patient back to original sitting position automatically (one reset button on chair, second reset button on Stand)
  • Chair Up/down height from 55cm – 75cm (21.5″ – 29.5″)
  • Foldable low profile footrest: height 5cm (2″)
  • Foldable armrest
  • Adjustable headrest


  • 24.32″ x 45.66″


  • Weight  308 lbs.

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