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Tracer UPT-900

Tracer UPT-900


State-of-the-art Tracer.

High Precision 3D Tracing


UPT-900 measures with wxtreme care frames in 3D to offer the best possible accuracy and a perfect matching between the lens and the frame, even gighly curved.

Fast tracing

Rapidly scans either both eyes or a single eye. it also has an automatic recovery feature which will rescan automatically at reduced speed the frame when the frame quality does not allow fast speed tracing.


UPT-900 could scan small frames(B size 17mm) with a constantly real-time monitored stylus pressure to reduce frame distortion.

The important Z movement capacity allows the measurement for high base-curved frames.


Tracing Method Automatic 3-D binocular tracing
Tracing size Frame : Φ 17 mm to Φ 90 mm Pattern : Φ 24 mm to Φ 75 mm
Measurement item Shapes Frame curve FPD Frame : 3-D circumference Pattern / Demo lens : 2-D circumference Frame front wrapping angle
Frame clamping Automatic one-touch clamping
Measuring points 1000
Tracing time Frame : Max 40sec Pattern : Max 30sec
Interface PORT 1 (Selectable) – RS232C : For PC or Lens Edger – TCP/IP : For internet server
PORT 2 (Optional) – RS232C : For Barcode reader
Power supply AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 50VA
Dimension / Weight 240 (W) X 300 (D) X 200 (H), 10 Kg
Standard accessories Pattern holder, Suction cup Standard frame Standard pattern Power code RS232C NULL Modem cable
Software TraceApp.exe : For setting Unicos.exe : For internal calibration AutoTune.exe : For calibration
Working mode UNICOS Mode OMA Ascii OMA Packed binary

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