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SYSEYE Automatic Perimeter BIO-1000 Plus


Automatic Perimeter BIO-1000 plus strictly adhering to the Goldmann standard. It offers diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for conditions such as glaucoma, fundus disease, visual pathway injury, and neurological disorders. 

automatic perimeter BIO-1000 Plus

Multiple fixation monitoring programs to ensure high reliability

Comprehensive real-time monitoring, HeiJji-krakau physiological blind spot monitoring, gaze tracking / head position tracking, automatic measurement of pupil diameter, reduces the impact of pupil effect on visual field detection

perimeter vision screener visual field

Automatic Perimeter BIO 1000 Plus control panel
Automatic Perimeter BIO 1000 Plus inspection modes

Abundant inspection modes for both accuracy and speed

  • Rich threshold inspection and suprathreshold inspection modes to detect earlier visual field defects
  • The scientific and intelligent interactive inspection strategy improves your work efficiency. It only takes 3 minutes to inspect the 30° field of view.

Comprehensive Analysis Software

  • 6 kinds of analysis: reliability analysis, single-report analysis, multi-report analysis, glaucoma half-field analysis, glaucoma progression analysis, VFI visual field index analysis;
  • Half-field analysis designed for glaucoma, makes glaucoma diagnosis easier
  • Analysis of glaucoma progression, where very subtle progression is more visible and continues to suggest new progression
Automatic Perimeter BIO 1000 Plus analysis report

automatic perimeter BIO-1000 Plus

Technical Parameters

Inspection Range


Inspection Distance


Background Light Brightness

White 31.5asb

Visual Target Brightness


Visual Target Size

Goldmann Ⅲ

Visual Target Interval Time


Visual Target Interval Time

Standard or adjustment according to patient reflection

Threshold Test Model

Center 5°-16, center 10°-68, 24-2, 30-2, 30°-60°, nasal step

Upper Threshold Test Model

30°-40,30°-76,P-60,60°-81,60°-120,90°-135 nasal side

Special Detection Strategy

Esterman monocular, Esterman binocular, user-customized test, 150° driver monocular fast detection, 150° driver monocular standard detection, upper 36° detection, blind spot detection, 150° horizontal straightness detection

Pupil Size Test


Fixation Monitoring

Blindspot monitoring, eye position deviation alarm, eye deviation curve

Environment Light Detection


Analysis Software

Reliability analysis, single vision report, triple vision report, GPA half vision analysis, GPA glaucoma developing analysis, VFI vision index analysis

Operation System

Windows 7 above


perimeter vision screener visual field

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