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SUPORE Auto Refractometer Keratometer ARK-70C

Auto Refractometer Keratometer ARK-70C comes with REF, KER, REF & KER,CLBC and Z-Map modes. Classic design with a 8″ colorful touch screen


Auto Refractometer Keratometer ARK-70C has a variety of measurement modes such as REF, KER, REF & KER, CLBC and Z-Map. Classic design with the 8″ colorful touch screen.

Easy Operation

  • User-friendly operation interface
  • Easy-to-follow instructions during the measurement
  • Built-in thermal printer for convenient and fast result printing
Automatic measurement of auto refractometer ARK-70C

auto refractometer keratometer

Multiple measurement modes

  • REF
  • KER
  • REF & KER
  • CLBC
  • Z-Map
  • Supports IOL
Auto Refractometer ARK-70C map mode
Auto Refractometer ARK-70C measurement
Auto Refractometer ARK-70C size mode
Auto Refractometer ARK-70C measurement

Reliable Measurement Results

  • Perfect optical head and foggy system ensures reliable measurement results
  • Clear and easy-to-view result present page
Auto Refractometer ARK-70C result page

digital phoropter

auto refractometer keratometer

Technical Parameters

Auto Refractometer ARK-70C technical parameter

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