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Professional tool kit – Deluxe Package – 80800082-A

Professional tool kit


The tool case is made of durable, quality material: Anti-scratch interior and soft touch leatherette exterior. It can hold up to 7 pliers, 1 thickness gauge, 1 lensclock, 3 screwdrivers, and a portable screwdriver package. It includes three storage compartments for accessories and parts as well as interior elastic straps to hold tools in a snug position during travel. The tool case has been custom designed to efficiently and safely store all the required tools for school.

31101010 Multi-function adjusting pliers
31101030 Flat snipe nose pliers
31101050 Pad arm adjusting pliers
31101060 Inclination adjusting pliers
31101170 Side cutter pliers
31101040 Bent snipe nose pliers
31101150 Lens axis pliers
31111080 Screwdriver, including 4 blades, Flat 1.6,1.8mm Phillips 1.5,2.0mm
34130300 Tweezers
31121010 Lens clock
31121110 Thickness gauge
31121310 PD ruler
31101011 Spare jaws for multi-function adjusting pliers
31101061 Spare jaws for inclination adjusting pliers
51101100 Spring hinge assembly tool kit
81111001 Penlight
81111003 LED Contact Lens Measuring Loupe
3111200 Rotating Screwdriver/Wrench Set: Phillips 1.5,mm,1.8mm,Flat 1.6mm,1.8mm, Hex 2.0mm,2.3mm, Star 2.5mm, 2.6mm, 2.8mm
81111005 Tool Case

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