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Premium Optician’s Optical Tool Kit with Pliers, Screwdrivers and table stand


Professional Optical Tool Kit With Table Stand and PVC wrapped handles

3T Professional Optical Tool Kit is made for North American optician or optometrist who needs high quality and handy optical tool kit. Has been used, liked and trusted by opticians and optometrists, this tool kit has been our best selling kit at Optical/Optometry conference. It is now available for EBAY customers.

The tool stand is made of premium PP material. Its rubber platform prevents scratching on glasses. 5 storage units and extra 2 open spaces for accessories.

Genuine 3T pliers are made of premium stainless steel with anti-slip treatment and ergonomic design.  3T pliers have built in (hidden) spring for convenient daily use. Genuine 3T pliers has laser printed 3T logo on it.

3T is a world leading optical tool manufacturer who is the OEM for many USA and European based distributors/dealers.

Total 15 items are included in the package:

1.       Multi-function adjusting pliers

2.       Flat snipe nose pliers

3.       Nose pad adjustment pliers

4.       Inclination adjusting pliers

5.       Trident adjustment pliers

6.       Straight parallel cutter

7.       Lens axis pliers

8.       Nylon eyewire forming pliers

9.       Screwdriver Flat 1.6mm

10.    Screwdriver Flat 1.8mm

11.    Screwdriver Philips 1.5mm

12.    Screwdriver Philips 1.8mm

13.    Hex wrench 2.32mm

14.    Hex wrench 2.82mm

15.    Tool Kit Stand

16.    5 backup replacement Jaws for 5 pliers are included (Suppliers normally charge $8 for a pair of jaws, we include it for free)

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