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LED 22″ Smart Visual Chart System (White Monitor)

A full range of charts and optotypes, sensitivity test plus educational image and video gallery.



  • A full range of specialty charts and optotypes
  • Adjustable distance for different room size
  • User-friendly speedy remote controller
  • Smart charts with random display function
  • Contrast sensitivity testing
  • Reverse mode available for all charts
  • Exclusive educational video gallery
  • Educational image gallery
  • USB port for potential updates
  • High-resolution LED 20-inch Screen
  • Built-in help menu
  • Multiple languages
  • Wall mount bracket included

Standard Tests

  • ETDRS (LogMar) charts
  • Snellen charts
  • Isihara color test
  • Maddox
  • Astigmatism
  • Worth Four Dots
  • Duochrome (Red/Green)  test
  • Cross Cylinder Test
  • Other special charts


  • Sloan letters
  • Tumbling E
  • Landolt rings C
  • Numbers
  • Pediatric charts for children
  • Multiple language charts

Display Modes

  • Single Line
  • Multiple lines
  • Single Column
  • Single letter
  • Black in white background
  • White in black background

Multiple Languages

  • English, Arabic, Japanese, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Greek, German, Korean, and Hindi.

User Friendly Menu

Built-In Menu

Built-In Menu


Binocular Tests

Astigmatism Tests

Color Tests

ETDRS Charts

Educational Images & Videos

Multiple Lines

Random Function

Contrast Sensitivity Adjustment


Red/Green Compensation

Cross Cylinder

Chart Background Black/White Switch

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