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Frey SL-110 Digital LED Slit Lamp

Frey SL-110 digital LED slit lamp is designed for very high performance and reliability. High quality optics assures excellent image quality and resolution. The lamp addresses the need for new technologies by integrating eye illumination and digital camera control electronics and features an innovative LED illumination system.


Frey SL-110 is an advanced LED slit lamp microscopes designed for high performance, accurate diagnostics, reliability and patient comfort. Brilliant optics result in stunning image quality and resolution. An innovative LED illumination system with integrated eye illumination and digital camera delivers superb clinical viewing.
FREY slit lamps integrate specialized componentry to connect and control FREY proprietary SLI-200 digital imaging system. LED illumination source eliminate heat and infra red emissions associated with traditional light sources and ensures optimal diagnostic detail from the cornea to the retina. FREY combines modern design and enduring performance providing the clinician with fatigue free examinations every day. Yellow contrast enhancing filter for additional contrast is cleverly integrated into the optical body of the microscope, and can be subtly operated for viewing corneal staining.

Easy to use and complete

SL-110 comes with all elements important for demanding user.  Yellow filter is integrated into optical body of the microscope, you can easily drop it in whenever you are looking for subtle corneal staining. The diffuser mounted to column hardware can be easily inserted into slit illumination path for improved general overview of the eye.

Digital Camera Ready

Lamp integrates all components and cabling required for connecting and controlling digital camera system. Push button embedded into joystick and the eye illumination system control electronics integrated within the device hardware assures no need for future upgrades in order to add camera system. All connectors and cables for the camera connection are in elegant way hidden inside to improve comfort of using the device.

LED Illumination System

The LED illumination source eliminated heat and infra red emission associated with traditional light sources. Emitted color temperature is independent of it’s intensity to guarantee bright and clear picture.  The lifecycle of LED is longer then 50 000 working hours, this eliminates maintenance associated with light source replacement. Electronic circuit controlling LED light intensity is very precise for best slit light performance and control.

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