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Eder Ophthalmic Microscope SM3000L

Coaxial Microscope SM3000L


ophthalmic microscope

ophthalmic microscope

10X Wild-Field Eyepiece

Coaxial Assistant Microscope

200mm Working Distance

Full HD / 4K Video Solutions

Optional 3D Video

Aspherical Condenser

Better Red Reflex, Safter Surgery

Multi-function Foot Control

Electromagnetic Breaks

Superior Red Reflex

With the OLYMPUS SZX7 Optics, Eder SM2000L brings even the most minute anatomical structures clearly into view. The Aspheric designed condenser lens provide highly stable, high-contrast red reflex, which helps further enhance detail recognition.

Multifunction Foot Control

Control 11 functions such as brightness adjustment,  motorized fine adjustment, X-Y focus and motorized zoom help you free your hand and focus on your patient


Unmatched OLYMPUS Optics

For exceptional clarity, contrast and light, provides a clear, detailed view of the retina. 


HD Camara System

Accessory for Posterior Surgery

Provides excellent visualization of natural color renditions and crisp anatomical details.

Built-in SD card record for easy data management

Meets the needs of posterior segment surgery, provides wide angle views and amplified high resolution fundus image, improves posterior surgical results

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