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Digital Slit Lamp LS-5

LS-5 Digital Slit Lamp with Canon DSLR


  • Outstanding optical quality makes a comfortable view
  • Precision machining to ensure smooth and flexible movement
  • Professional multi-functional software which is easy to operate
  • Have both image capturing function and video capturing fuction
  • High quality image processing contribute to the accuracy of diagnose
  • Back up patient data base guarantee data safety and confidentiality
  • A special designed black cross in right eyepiece enables to synchronise the image sharpness

Standard Configuration

Slit lamp + Beam Splitter & Camera Adaptor + Canon DSLR + LED background illumination system + Sensor for OD/OS recognition + Multifunctional software + Computer + Printer (for output report) + Relevant spare part & cables

Corneal fluorescein staining under diffused light (10X)


Normal fundus under pre-set lens

Optic nerve under three-mirror

Iris coloboma

Iris pigmentation

Cornea after LASIK

Injured corneal epithelial cells

After artifical lens operation

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