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Digital Refractor PDR-7000

Model Number: PDR-7000


Dual Cross Cylinder Lens Technology

This new technique speeds up the entire exam while ensuring the accuracy. During the astigmatism exam, the Dual Cross Cylinder Lens provides the patients dual images of the object to let them figure out the most appealing image easily. In this way, the doctors can quickly reach out to the proper cylinder power and axis without confusing the patients. 

Multiple Tests Available

PDR-7000 comes with a wide range of sphere power as -29.00D to +26.75D and cylinder power as 0D to ±8.75D to ensure the precise test results.

Other than the spherical, astigmatism, and binocular vision tests, the Madox Rod test, Von Graefe test, Schober test, etc. are also available.

Ergonomic Design

With the compact design, PDR-7000 makes the tests more flexible. The test results can be accurately secured due to the wide viewing angle of 40 degrees. 

The Forehead Sensor can indicate the optimum face location of patients. This feature helps to determine if patients maintain in a correct posture during the tests.

Fast lens changing speed reduces eye fatigue, and speeds up the the tests without impact on the accuracy of results.

Large and Convenient Touch Screen Display

10.4 inch screen with intuitive interface and various colors, displays the essential functions quiet straight forward, making the operation much easier. The screen can be tilted and rotated to any angle or direction. 

The durable control base with physical buttons provides assistance on controlling the test functions, making the exam convenient and faster.

The controller comes with a built-in printer for hard copies of test results.

Work perfectly with Potec LCD chart PLC-8000.

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