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Chair Orbit Comfort

Chair Comfort


Delivers masterful comfort for your patients.


  • Noiseless
  • Ergonomic
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Comfortable
  • Motorized Up/down and recline 180°
  • Return button for chair automatically return to original position
  • Weight capacity  550 lbs
  • High power movement engine(oil free)

1. Sphere power:Range:-19.00D ~ +16.75D Step:0.25D
When applied with auxiliary lens (+0.12D) Step:0.12 D
2. Cylinder power:Range:0~-6.00 D
When applied with auxiliary cylinder lens (-2.00 D):0~-8.00 D Step:0.25 D
When applied with auxiliary cylinder lens +0.12 D Step:0.12 D
3. Cylinder axis:Range:0~180° Step:5°
4. Cross cylinder:±0.25 D
5. Rotary prism:Range:0~20△ Step:1△
6. PD adjustment:50~75mm Step: 1mm
7. Convergence adjustment:∞,380mm(When PD 64mm)
8. Forehead rest adjustment:16mm
9. Vertex distance:13.75mm (From corneal point to standard lens surface)
10. Dimension:335(L)×320(W)×98(H)mm
11. Weight:5kg

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