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Auto Lensometer PLM-8000

Auto Lensometer PLM-8000


7-inch LCD Touch Screen

The touch sensitive panel and the widescreen display provide an easy-to use graphical user interface to display the translucent shape and the angle of the lens in real time. 


Automatic Lens Detection Mode

The automatic detection mode determines the lens type, then switches to the corresponding mode automatically, and enables an instant measurement. 

Shack-Hartman Wavefront Sensor (SHWFS) Technology

The SHWFS-based technology and the light loss compensating algorithm ensure the accurate measurements.

UV / Blue light Transmittance Measurement

The Ultraviolet (UV) and blue light transmittance of the regular lenses and sunglasses can be measured, and these data can be displayed on a single graph at the same time.


PD and Pupil Height of Frame Measurement

Adjusting the lens center area with the direction indicator icon allows you to measure the distance between the left and right lens centers and the pupil height of the frame.


Green Measurement Light Source

The measurement error has been minimized by using the green measurement light source with the wavelength close to the international standard, e-line.


Multi-lingual Support

The system support six languages: 

English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic


LCD Tilting Function

A wide tilting angle range of LCD screen provides you flexibility of the sitting or standing position.


Other Features

  • Built-in automatic printer quickly generates the results
  • Wireless system connected by Bluetooth: perfect data transmission with PDR-7000 regardless of working environment (Please visit Digital Refractor PDR-7000 for the details of product)

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