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Alltion Full Function Camera ALL-CAM2

Alltion full function microscope camera All-Cam2 HD camara system. (The microscope is not included)



  • Compatible with main surgical microscopes and colposcopes in the market. 
  • Customer can customize adapter.
  • Can be used as a beam splitter to connect an assistant scope or another camera.

Ultra-High Image Quality

  • Applies SONY industrial level light-sensitive chips, ensures high resolution, high sensitivity, low noise point and excellent color restoration.
  • Specifically designed for the white balance and automatic exposure. Equipped with optimization algorithm of strong light exposure for surgical microscopes and colposcopes. 

Multi Function

  • Camera parameters such as image color and definition can be set by the user
  • Image comparation
  • Image rotation
  • Lesion size measurement and data storage
  • Real-time video output, photography, video recording and image freezing.

Highly Integrated

  • Integrates the functions of beam splitter, camera adapter and camera
  • Much more smaller and lighter than the traditional beam splitter + camera + camera adapter

Easy Control & Data Transfer

  • Connect to computer or mobile phone by WIFI. Can use computer and mobile phone to take photos and video, and transfer the photos and videos to the computer and mobile phone.
  • Control photo / video taking by the wireless foot control panel
  • Through optional wireless video sender, you can conveniently transfer video to a television or monitor wirelessly.

Wireless Foot Control

  • Foot control for photo and video 


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